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Running Arduino on Bespin

dcuartiellesMarch 1st, 2009

Can you imagine Arduino’s IDE running as an online service? Since Mozilla labs just launched the Bespin IDE for Firefox we see that just a little closer. During the monthly Arduino Southern Scandiland meeting #4 that took place today at K3 in Malmo, Olle and Peter went into adding Arduino’s syntax highlighting to Bespin. Just as a proof of concept they posted the following video on vimeo.

Arduino syntax highlighting in Bespin from Olle Jonsson on Vimeo.

If you are interested in trying this out, you will have to install Bespin, get the server to run, and patch the system with this code. As I type Olle is trying to get some inline commands to compile his sketch. Once he has done that, we will be able of compiling Arduino code from Firefox!

Peter brought his Bug from and we installed both on my Linux machine and on someone’s Mac. I want to see how far that project goes, it is really interesting the way it allows for physical connectivity of different artifacts and how easy it is to reconfigure it. There is a lot to learn from the work made by the developers. A pity I don’t own one myself and Peter had to get it with him.

Our day passed discussing mostly about software and cakes (Dave brought some birthday left overs). We were planning for a better way to push news to the main site, but also to publish information about workshops and community events. We made some planning on how we want to implement adding new boards and libraries to the IDE, how to dinamicaly compile libraries and how to restructure the folders to make updating easier. We see a RSS enhanced future shinning in front of us, but also a lot of Javascript, online documentation, and online project sharing.