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Libelium Hacking Contest II

dcuartiellesJanuary 16th, 2009

The guys from Libelium are launching their 2nd Arduino Hacking Contest. Their deadline is April 15th, here I quote Alicia Asin -one of the company owners:

  Hi again!

  In 2008 we promoted the 1st Arduino Open Hardware Contest, which showed
  (one more time) Arduino boards' big potential (
  The 2nd Arduino Contest is opened now, we encourage you all to participate!

  Info and prizes:

  Good luck to everyone, we are looking forward to see your hacks

  /Libelium Team

I gotta post about the devices you can get as prize, since me and Dave got a box of goodies from Libelium as a xmas present. But that will be another day.


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