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dcuartiellesJune 19th, 2008

Biophionitos is one of the project developed during Interactivos? 2008 in Madrid. The magic hands of Paola, Horacio, and Igor, have made possible to create D.I.Y. optical illusion machines developed with Arduino and Processing.

The aim of the Biophionitos project is to generate artificial life using Zootropes […] This animal/pet will be composed of a limited series of simple polygons in which the program has made modifications to give the drawing biological movement.

mechanisms to move the biophionitos

Biophionitos’ stomach is made with Arduino, picture copyright 2008 by the artists

You can go to their website, download the instructions manual, download the application, watch the video (see below) print at your own printer, and build you own visual toy out of cardboard, a motor, and one Arduino board in a matter of minutes … it only depends in how skilled you are in cutting cardboard with a big knife.

Biophionitos has been developed at Medialab-Prado (MAD, ES) and will be presented at the Sonar Festival (BCN, ES) during this week.