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dcuartiellesJune 2nd, 2008

Big News from the smalles electronic art gallery in the nordic countries (that I’ve visited so far). Jacob Remin, a media artist that have been part of events like electrolobby06 (Ars Electronica), Halfmachine, running the website and one of the initiators of the danish 8-bitklubben is also behind mikrogalleriet.

mikrogalleriet in CPH

Picture from, courtesy of the authors

The fact is that Jacob was one of my students at K3 during one term as part of an exchange with DTU (Danish Technical University) where he was taking part in the engineering education. Since then he has been using Arduino in many projects and has helped quite a lot to warm up the hardware electronic art scene in Denmark.

Video courtesy of from their event mikrodisco

At some point he found a small space in Norrebro, Copenhagen and decided to transform it into an art space. One of the most active until today. I guess I will be blogging more about the Danish art scene and its relationship to Arduino and other open source hardware projects (believe me, there is more). Just as reference you should check Lab, and Komponent, two of the historical groups in Copenhagen doing quite a lot of events.

The video within this post shows an Arduino-hacked football stadium LED screen that somehow ended up in the hands of these people … who said Danes didn’t know how to party?