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Results to Libelium’s Design Contest

dcuartiellesJune 2nd, 2008

The Spanish company and Arduino distributor Libelium has released the results for their Arduino Hacks Contest. It was announced on our blog some months ago.

Among the winners and finalists you can find: Javier Briz and Valentin Plugaru with their electronic door-lock Arduino Security, Alex Bell and his Weather Forecaster, Kristin O’Field and Che-Wei Wang from ITP who made momo the city navigation device, Rebecca Stern -featured earlier on this blog- with Sensor Squid, Luis Ignacio Diaz del Dedo and Luis Alberto Perez Garcia proving that there is still a lot to talk about within robotics with their R4P, and Brandon Sweeny with Walbot.

This is the winner in the Robotics Category, R4P, video courtesy of the authors

There are videos, as well as PDFs with documentation to each one of this projects at Libelium’s Contest site.


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  1. Púlsar » Blog Archive » Concurso de Libelium Says:

    […] El proyecto ha consistido en la realización de un prototipo funcional de un sistema de bloqueo de puertas, el que algunos ya habéis podido ver en funcionamiento en el despacho de Púlsar. También lo comentar en Arduino blog. […]

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