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dcuartiellesMay 2nd, 2008

The Arduino Community keeps on growing … at an almost scary pace. The following are statistics taken during the last four months for the www.arduino.cc domain.

Month Unique visitors Number of visits Pages Hits Bandwidth
Jan 2008 79119 171226 1234208 3353618 309.10 GB
Feb 2008 91402 186886 1145305 3501393 344.04 GB
Mar 2008 102799 209713 1210673 3752178 368.90 GB
Apr 2008 105652 220203 1410959 4241552 441.79 GB

The Arduino server registers an average of 7000 visits/day with a total traffic of 14GB/day. The way people visit the server is quite evenly distributed over the 24 hours of the day.

/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl 393788

/ 136229

/blog/ 88007

This second table shows that the most visited site in April was our forum, followed by the main site and the blog you are reading right now.

A quick analysis of the statistical data shows that there is obviously a huge amount of traffic because of people downloading the IDE. I wonder if people are having trouble with it and if we should consider to encourage people mirroring the IDE at some other places just to avoid long downloading times (opinions/ideas are welcome).

The other scary fact is that we got, on top of the normal visits, about 350.000 hits coming from web robots during April, this means the Arduino site has been replicated about 100 times (we have an estimate of the equivalent to 3400 static pages) at different webcrawlers just last month!!

6 Responses to “Web statistics at Arduino.cc”

  1. Marcel Says:

    Maybe I’m naive about these things when you have a busy website like this obviously is… but 440GB served in a month!! Yikes!

    It’s most certainly popular stuff! Keep up the good work guys.


  2. Sean Coates Says:

    I’ve actually been mirroring the IDE for some time, due to unavailability. If you’d like my link, find me on IRC (freenode/#arduino/scoates).


  3. dcuartielles Says:

    Thanks for the offer, so far I was just thinking aloud, but I am sure we could put together a list of sites that contain mirrors to the software in case things go wrong with our provider. It doesn’t go down often, but it does sometimes when in the middle of something (and usually Tuesdays … I get bad Cron Karma when it happens).

    So far I added a page on the playground:


    if we all add our mirrors there, we can count on google to keep the list of mirrors in its cache 😉

  4. MysteriousAges Says:

    What about having a BitTorrent option available? If several people are downloading it at the same time, that could help reduce the bandwidth consumption on the server.

  5. Fabien Says:

    That’s what I was thinking: as thousands of users will download the update in the first two days, a bittorrent link could spare a lot of bandwidth…

  6. Maya Says:

    maintaining both options will be better, bittorrent & direct download.

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