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New Server – back to school

dcuartiellesSeptember 16th, 2008

It is the time when universities re-open their September courses, just to be ready for that we decided to finally migrate the server space to a different provider. It has taken us a long time to decide for one that could cover all our needs, but it has been definitely worth the effort.

Top 10 of 2602 Total URLs By KBytes
# Hits KBytes URL
1 700 0.32% 27662203 62.74% /files/
2 185 0.08% 9564664 21.69% /files/
3 30877 14.01% 1211518 2.75% /cgi-bin/yabb2/
4 26 0.01% 823617 1.87% /files/
5 10 0.00% 501619 1.14% /files/
6 10 0.00% 265364 0.60% /files/
7 5 0.00% 191588 0.43% /files/
8 5 0.00% 152465 0.35% /files/
9 4 0.00% 144403 0.33% /files/
10 4 0.00% 143528 0.33% /files/

Table showing how the bandwidth was distributed during September 15th in KB.

The stats thrown by the server in just its first 24 hours of existence show something we kind of knew: the first thing students do when going back to school is downloading the IDE, the second looking for some information in the forum. The total web traffic during the last 24 hours, since our DNSs updated the new server on the internet, is 35GB, a new record. Now that we have got the proper online services we can go back to the discussion of setting a better file distribution system (and here I have to thank Nick who kindly put a lot of effort in making a study of this before).

During the migration of the email lists, we discovered a very interesting fact … has 147 registered developers on the developers[at] email list, among others people from other open source projects like Processing or Puredata, two projects we admire. It is really great to work with all of you guys, thanks for joining us!

The new server stats and protection systems show a whole lot of funny data, but that is obviously not the most relevant reason of why we migrated. Now we are ready to offer the services we couldn’t offer before. Next steps will be:

– password integration for registered users services: one password to control them all

– better user profiles: promote yourself and your work through the community

– language email lists: we will keep the old city-located email lists, but we are going to move towards language lists. Some cities have very active email lists, but some of the others are just a nest of spam. It is time to clean this up

– voting systems: promote your code and vote for the best solutions to the same problems

– translations: yeah, we talked about it before, now we can have locales for all possible languages!! From Russian to Japanese, we will be able of offering wikis in other languages, as long as we find translators –> interested? send an email to: translations[at]

These services and other surprises to happen soon. Now that we have creative freedom on our server, we are ready to get better in the way we use the web.