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LilyPad Embroidery: A Tribute to Leah Buechley

dcuartiellesMay 1st, 2008

I got this project recommended by one of my Fashion&Technology students. Sternlab presents her embroidery project augmented with sensor technology (one LDR/CDS in this case), leds and sounds. The looks are truly amazing.

As Rebecca Stern (aka Sternlab, currently in the Arts, Media and Engineering Program at ASU) states on her website:

I’ve been working with Leah Buechley’s LilyPad Arduino, and in true embroidery sampler fashion, have composed this circuit to see what I could do. The embroidery uses traditional floss and techniques mixed with lights and sounds generated by the onboard software. The amount of light sensed by the sensor changes the speed and pitch of the lights and sounds generated. Move your shadow or hand over it to experience the changes.

Some other pictures of her projects are:

Detail of the LilyPad Embroidery

SensorSquid: an Arduino based tool for group creativity by R. Stern and L. Tolentino

Disclaimer: all the pictures and video in this article are CC by Sternlab