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High-Speed Photography w/ Arduino (exploding peeps)

David MellisMarch 24th, 2008

Exploding Peep

Photograph by lindes.

Synoptic Labs took some great pictures using an Arduino as a high-speed photography controller – a nice simple circuit. They shot a pellet gun at peeps (above) and an egg. There’s more information on their blog and more photos on Flickr.


2 Responses to “High-Speed Photography w/ Arduino (exploding peeps)”

  1. Kevin Nacer Says:

    Can you give more details on this?

  2. Rinson Antony T.M Says:

    how fast the arduino (atmega 8) controller board can work ? i am implementing a 3 half bridge inverter circuit with arduino board as controller ? Is it feasible ? and is it possible to put fractional delays in micro seconds eg delaymicors(12.53)

    and how could i compare a triangular and sine wave to produce sin pwm signal ?

    If you have answer please mail to

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