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LilyPad Arduino and Arduino 0010

David MellisOctober 17th, 2007
LilyPad Arduino

We’re very happy to welcome the newest member of the Arduino platform: the LilyPad Arduino. The board was lovingly crafted by Leah Buechley and SparkFun electronics for use in wearable / e-textile projects. There’s also a whole range of accessories: power supply, sensors, LED and sound output, etc. It’s all available from the LilyPad section of SparkFun.

The boards can be sewn together with conductive thread or attached to conductive fabrics to create light-weight and flexible electronics clothing or other textiles – and all in a beautiful purple. The guide to the LilyPad has instructions for getting started with the board and Leah has some directions for using it in a project.

The LilyPad has actually been out for a couple of weeks, but today we released version 0010 of the Arduino software, which properly supports the board.

Mac OS X:
Linux version coming soon.

The most significant improvements (besides LilyPad support) are the stability and clean-up changes:

  • Universal distribution for Mac OS X
  • Support for Windows Vista
  • Improved error messages
  • Better auto-format
  • Support for ports COM10 and higher on Windows
  • Fixed automatic refresh of the Serial Port menu under Windows
  • New and improved keyboard shortcuts

Other new features include:

  • Printing
  • Support for more programmers (USBtinyISP, AVR ISP, AVRISP mkII, parallel programmers) for use in bootloader burning.
  • “Copy for Discourse” menu item that copies a sketch formatted for posting on the Arduino forums

As with the Arduino XBee Shield, we’re very pleased to be working with others to expand the available range of Arduino hardware. We’re thrilled at the results so far, and hope to continue these collaborations in the future. If you have any ideas, please email us – we’d love to work with you.

So be sure to check out the LilyPad and Arduino 0010 and congratulations to Leah and SparkFun for their wonderful work.

Update: Arduino 0010 for Linux is now available: arduino-0010-linux.tgz


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  2. Keren Hallowell Says:

    Hey. I couldn’t get through to this page the other day. Anyone else had the problem?

  3. dcuartielles Says:


    as I posted on my twitter: (I will make it more public next time, sorry, I was too busy) we had to put the server down for maintenance for about 3 hours without previous notice. I hope this didn’t cause any trouble to you.


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