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Thanks for making our birthday so great! #ArduinoD14

Zoe RomanoApril 14th, 2014


It’s been a couple of weeks since we celebrated with all of you the beginning of our tenth year. We’ve been receiving videos and pictures and want to share them in this post (Explore the tagboard of #ArduinoD14).

The first Arduino Day around the World was a huge success largely due to the dedication of each of the communities joining the party! We had more than 240 community events sharing with us this moment of celebration and we sincerely appreciate the efforts and thank you again for the support within the Arduino Open Source Community!

Once more we realised the importance of community by saying “Arduino is you.” Hardware, software, tutorials, and logistics aside, people enjoying time with Arduino are exemplary of the folks who make it fulfilling for us to continue with this adventure. Thank you!

Here’s some awesome visual reports we received:

    • Antonius was at ITP in New York together with Massimo Banzi and Tom Igoe and made this video:
    • David Cuartielles featured in this video from Arduino Day Zaragoza:
    • Richard from Wevolver in Amsterdam organised a Show and Tell in collaboration with Ifabrica:

(take a look also at the video interview they did to Gael Langevin of Project Inmoov!)