Garage Remote – Arduino ft. Android

davide.vellutoDecember 20th, 2012


Do you want to control your garage door from your Droid-Phone? Here [hag] sent us his project that does exactly what your dream’s remote would do.

The GarageUino is my first Arduino project that has resulted in a product that I actually use. It’s a garage port controller that features a 20 by 4 character LCD display, four LEDs, a button, two connectors for position sensors and an USB connector. Oh! And of course an Ethernet port for Internet access.

On the [website] there is the full explanation, with pictures of the making process and the code for Arduino and the App for Android.

One Response to “Garage Remote – Arduino ft. Android”

  1. Rey Ramos Says:

    This is a great, Im actually also creating an android app with my Raspberry Pi allowing SSH connect and using the android remote to my garage. Does your version only works within the home network, according to the code I dont see the use of outputbuffer or network access?