Arduino/Android Wireless Robot

davide.vellutoDecember 19th, 2012

4 Responses to “Arduino/Android Wireless Robot”

  1. Joe Doe Says:

    Cool, but why don’t they ever publish the POWER SUPPLY reference?
    I know it sounds newbiesh but well.. yeah, inspiring projects with unsolved questions are no fun.

  2. Henry Says:

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  3. David Says:

    Henry’s related link is spam

  4. Anne van Rossum Says:


    And to answer “Joe Doe” and at the same time shamelessly plug our own design, check which is completely open hardware.

    We are also working on an open source Android app, called Swarm Control (see below). For now we can control the Roomba, Mindstorm NXT, our Arduino-based Dotty robot, the Meccano Spykee, the German speaking ;-) Wowwee RoboScooper, and the Parrot (version 2).

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