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A pair of Arduino UNO R4 boards power this Tron-inspired, decked-out shop room

Arduino TeamJune 17th, 2024

Bob Clagett of the “I Like to Make Stuff” YouTube channel has recently undertaken an extensive shop renovation project where he is rearranging tools, tidying up various spaces, and even creating a dedicated “clean” room for his collection of 3D printers and electronics work. With its jet-black walls, Clagett felt it needed some RGB lighting to keep it interesting, and after taking inspiration from the Tron movie franchise, he had a few ideas.

Before anything could be built, he first needed to select the ideal type of LED strip since the typical WS2812B strip lacks a diffuser and therefore emits harsh light. Rather, an RGBIC strip allows for individual segments of LEDs to be controlled from an Arduino UNO R4 WiFi and illuminate through a built-in diffuser. Five strips were attached to the ceiling and programmed to display a quickly-moving pixel that starts its animation sequence at a random interval. Clagett was also able to line the room’s large window pane with another one of these RGBIC strips, and thanks to the UNO’s Wi-Fi connectivity, indicate if it has an active internet connection.

The final piece of specialty lighting was made by 3D printing a custom drum featuring various cutouts and placing it around a UV bulb. From here, a secondary Arduino UNO R4 Minima slowly rotates it using a 5V stepper motor that gives nearby fluorescent objects a flickering effect.

To see how Clagett revamped his room’s lighting in more detail, watch his video below!

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