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Easily create your own robotic camera operator

Arduino TeamApril 13th, 2023

If you do any kind of video content creation and you still rely entirely on static shots, then you’re missing out on an opportunity to generate visual interest that draws viewers in. Dynamic shots can do a lot to increase the production value of your videos, but most people can’t afford to hire a camera operator. That’s why you should check out Giovanni Aggiustatutto’s camera robot.

This device attaches to a standard tripod to provide motorized panning and tilting. While those movements are not comprehensive, they do allow for a lot of flexibility for capturing dynamic video. The best part is that the setup includes a remote with a joystick to make controlling the movement a snap. The remote lets users program movements ahead of time, which the device can then execute when it is time to get the shot. There is even a timelapse mode that will move the camera slightly between still captures.

Because this pans and tilts, it needs two motors. Those are stepper motors controlled by an Arduino Nano Every board through two TMC2208 stepper motor driver modules. A joystick on the remote lets the user pan or tilt, while an LCD provides information. The remote connects to the main unit via an Ethernet cable. The enclosures and most of the mechanical parts are 3D-printable, but this project does require some hardware like pulleys, bearings, and aluminum tube.

If you’re ready to step up your video production game, this is a relatively easy and affordable way to do so.

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