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Always know current room conditions with the Oplá IoT Kit and Arduino Cloud

Arduino TeamNovember 24th, 2022

Robert John likes to keep a constant eye on the current temperature and humidity of his room, as even small fluctuations can lead to uncomfortable conditions. And although he can remotely turn the air conditioning on or off, he still needed a way to track these values throughout the day and log them for future reference.

To create this smart monitoring device, John used an Arduino Oplà IoT Kit, as it contains a MKR WiFi 1010, a MKR IoT Carrier with a built-in screen and capacitive buttons, and a PIR sensor for detecting motion. Once connected together, he then configured a new dashboard in the Arduino IoT Cloud with two variables for the temperature and humidity, which are updated once every minute by the MKR WiFi 1010.

In addition to these values being shown in virtual gauges, the dashboard tracks them in a set of two graphs for up to 15 days. The carrier board also displays the current time, temperature, and humidity on its screen for convenient viewing which turns off automatically to save power when no one is nearby.

To see more about this project and how it was built, you can read John’s write-up here.