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This IoT weather monitor can track environmental data from almost anywhere

Arduino TeamJuly 11th, 2022

The need for rapid environmental data collection, processing, and viewing has never been more important, and with the rise of always-connected IoT devices, this goal is now closer than ever. However, most DIY solutions that rely on Bluetooth® or WiFi simply are not feasible in isolated areas due to their short range. This is what inspired user Pradeep to build his own data logger system utilizing much longer-distance LTE communication instead.

In order to actually get the current weather conditions, including temperature/humidity, rain, air quality, and light levels, Pradeep connected a wide variety of sensor modules to a single Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense board, which acts as the data processor. From here, he connected a Blues Wireless Notecard and Notecarrier assembly to the Arduino via its pair of UART pins that would allow the two board to send data between each other. After configuring Notehub to receive the incoming weather data in the form of a JSON-formatted string, Pradeep added a webhook integration with Qubitro.

The Qubitro platform is a web-based tool that lets users aggregate data and display it within a nice dashboard, along with the ability to perform more complex analysis over time. With this setup, Pradeep was able to gather a large number of samples and produce a series of graphs showcasing the change in environmental data.

You can dive deeper into Pradeep’s project by checking out his write-up here.