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Arduino is among the top vendors in Gartner’s latest digital business report

Arduino TeamMarch 4th, 2022

World-leading technology research and consulting company Gartner has recently published its Hype Cycle for Digital Business Capabilities. It’s full of ideas and recommendations for executives who need to future-proof their strategy and leapfrog the competition in the disruptive landscape of digital business. 

We’re proud to see Arduino mentioned among sample vendors in the publication, specifically in the section dedicated to the emerging “Digitally Connected Products” market. 

Gartner’s analysts point out completely new scenarios and opportunities for companies selling products with digital or IoT capabilities. From product-as-a-service models to acquiring data along the customer journey that begins after purchase. This translates into potential profits for a growing number of brands, as different technologies converge to make digital capabilities attainable at competitive prices.

Want to find out more about insights and predictions that can keep you ahead of the curve?

You can download a complimentary copy of the report from our website right now. Enjoy!