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Avoid eyestrain with the help of the Eyesight Guardian

Arduino TeamMarch 4th, 2021

Many of us spend all day staring at a computer screen, entering data, watching YouTube, writing blog articles, or any number of other tasks. According to Daniel Hingston, computer-induced eye strain can be a real problem, and to combat this, you should follow the 20/20/20 rule. That is for every 20 minutes of computer time, look away at a distance of 20 feet or more for 20 seconds.

To help remind him to do just that, Hingston invented the “Eyesight Guardian.” This little device sits on top of your computer like a webcam, and uses an Arduino board along with a small TFT display to command you to “Look away now!” every 20 minutes. The system is then restarted via the press of a button on top, again counting down the 20 minutes until it’s time for the next “eye break.”

You can see it in action in the video below, and full build details are available in his tutorial here.
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