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Arduino control system puts defunct washing machine back into operation

Arduino TeamDecember 28th, 2020

After three short years of use, Roni Bandini’s Samsung washing machine started to act erratically, and several technicians looked at it without really fixing the problem. Bandini then decided to take matters into his own hands and replaced its brains with a MKR WiFi 1010 board, along with four relays and a trio of buttons.

This new system can control the motor and valves to progress through a wash cycle. It also takes advantage of the Arduino’s WiFi abilities to integrate with Telegram, sending a message to the entire family when the laundry is done.

Future goals for the project include varying the motor speed and making it reverse, but so far it’s a brilliant way to keep a large hunk of metal and plastic out of the junkyard. Code is available on GitHub, and print files for the enclosure are up on Thingiverse.


8 Responses to “Arduino control system puts defunct washing machine back into operation”

  1. MennoLabs Says:

    Not reversing the motor is a terrible idea.
    Most of the washing action comes from the textiles rubbing over each other, plus all the clothes will end up in a tangled mess.
    He should have just insisted on a replacement under warranty.

  2. Albercook Says:

    Great idea! I hate that control boards for home appliances cost so much. This means a lot of them go to the landfill sooner than they could.

    This would work for dishwashers also. Stoves and furnaces could be dangerous but they could also be made safer. It makes no sense that my dog can turn on the gas on our stove and nothing prevents it from filling the kitchen and blowing up the house! Open source appliances!

    Can you put this on

  3. ovendour Says:

    This is fantastic!
    #MennoLabs I think you’re missing the point.

  4. noobsolescence Says:

    I replaced a $120 control board with an arduino nano and 2 relays 3 years ago and the code is still running, so is the refrig. Previously the control boards that i bought 4 of would only run a max of 8 months i added a few options like setting temp for both the freezer and refrigerator. And added 1 relay to accomplish this function. It was a 9.9 cubic foot model. Origonally named magic chef but was built in china, basically a POS! UNTIL I ADDED THE NANO and a little code.

  5. MennoLabs Says:


    What part of not reversing the spin direction being a terrible idea don’t you understand?
    Of course it is fantastic that he was able to create this solution, but it is incomplete.

  6. digitalDNA Says:

    @MennoLabs you’re absolutely right, but the author has said: “Future goals for the project include varying the motor speed and making it reverse”, it’s like his TODO list.

    But it’s quite right that the project as is, is not ready as a solution or replacement.

  7. (deleted) Says:


  8. gtx1 Says:

    I always wash my clothes using a DOOM Cycle … nice work.

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