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Soccer Penalty Kicks game with Wiring and Arduino

Zoe RomanoJune 26th, 2014

It’s FIFA World Cup time and we have a project for makers who prefer to be active instead of only watching the others play. The exciting penalty shoot-out we’ve always enjoyed in video games was implemented by  as an electro-mechanical game where you save goals using a control device and kick the ball with your fingers:

It is an interactive game situated between electronics and the real world making you part of the game. The more players the better (we have played 8 people!). The video below shows the construction phase of the project and several sample penalty kicks. The project involves a variety of electronic components such as the Arduino Uno, servos, LEDs, push buttons, a potentiometer, a switch, a piezo buzzer, a gearmotor, and the ATtiny85, among others (great for a first Arduino project, isn’t it?).