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Home Automation for Makers goes Arduino At Heart! Support them on indiegogo

Zoe RomanoApril 28th, 2014


A connected home is in the dreams of many of us and we all spent at least a few moments thinking about how would it be for real. The problem is that most of the hardware devices and software platforms are not designed to work together and that’s why things become complicated.

Today we introduce you to a new Arduino At Heart project called EZcontrol.IT, crowdfunding now on Indiegogo, and designed to simplify the world  of internet of things:

EZcontrol.IT offers dedicated hardware that is affordable and easy to use, compatible and programmable with the Arduino™ IDE and language; designed to interact with a full and extensive software platform: Lelylan, that is an open, easy to use and personalize, cloud platform for Home Automation.

The project is composed by:

  •  EZboard, a low power consumption Arduino compatible board, equipped with an onboard Ethernet controller, microSD card socket, temperature sensor, and power relay. It’s designed to run for long periods of time powered by batteries and it integrates all the hardware necessary to implement most of the common applications for Home Automation.
  • Leylan platform, a very easy to use Home Automation cloud platform, universally compatible with any device capable of being connected to the web. It’s  based on the MQTT protocol (MQ Telemetry Transport), the same used by Facebook to send live updates to the mobile messaging applications, and offers a simple API that can be used to program basically any platform.

EZcontrol.IT decided to join the Arduino AtHeart program to better identify this solution as dedicated to makers, and to remark the compatibility with the Arduino platform at the highest possible level.

EZboard in bundle with Lelylan is available starting today for a short initial period of pre-order, with packages for makers and extremely affordable early-birds offers. Make your pledge!


4 Responses to “Home Automation for Makers goes Arduino At Heart! Support them on indiegogo”

  1. ViennaMike Says:

    Looks cool, but I’d like it even better if Lelylan was all open source. I liked my Nabaztag tag too, but it was a lot of trouble when the original company went bankrupt. Open APIs don’t help when the servers disappear. Same with the various devices built of the open API Chumby servers. I wish this project all the best, but personally I’ll sit on the sideline for awhile on this one.

  2. sochkasov Says:


  3. andreareginato Says:

    Hi @ViennaMike. Lelylan is an early project and although our first idea was to make it opensource (long time ago), at the moment we are trying to keep one part closed source (backend) and one open source (all frontend and physical device code) to make the project bootstrap in a better way. Anyway, nothing will block us from making this step forward if things will work out in the way we expect.

  4. SPoT_D Says:

    Doesn’t look like a legit campaign.. flexible funding and only one update done since it began

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