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Muzzley and Intel Galileo LED strip demo

Zoe RomanoMarch 25th, 2014


Muzzley provides libraries for the most popular languages and platforms and in this project allows you to control a led strip with a mobile device (iOS and Android) using an Intel Galileo Board:

We integrated Muzzley into an Intel Galileo board so that we could control an RGB LED strip with our smartphone through the cloud. We’re also able to read from and write to the individual GPIO pins.

Check the code on Github and enjoy the video:




5 Responses to “Muzzley and Intel Galileo LED strip demo”

  1. pipilops Says:

    Wow! Such a wonderful project. Integrating arduino to a mobile phone is just simply amazing.

  2. RichardWard Says:

    Very Well! This project is really good. I had always want to control a led strip with a mobile device. It’s integrated app is also amazing.

  3. samim09me Says:

    is there any option using the library for ArduinoMEGA 2560 board?

  4. djsbruges Says:

    Hi samim09me,

    There’s a new library for Arduino Galileo and a generic port being developed to other Arduino platforms. Send an email to and we’ll share a preview with you.

  5. Amandine_led Says:

    It’s really amazing to control a LED strip with a mobile device.

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