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Automated vacuum former running on Arduino Uno

Zoe RomanoFebruary 4th, 2014
vacuum former

Arduino user WildCheetah sent us a video about his latest project built with Arduino Uno:

I call my machine The Automated Multi Molder. (Thats what it does). It took me 2 months in total to build and a total cost  of$320.Very nice little machine I made (with the Arduino Uno) and use it everyday. Would like to see in production.



5 Responses to “Automated vacuum former running on Arduino Uno”

  1. bthink Says:

    You can now put Han Solo there 😉

  2. lamina Says:

    Beautiful design and a well designed frame. Can you give some details of the heater/Uno code since I am also in the process of making a similar vacuum former – but since your desisgn is superior to mine I shall be starting again 🙂

  3. newkool Says:

    Very easy to understand video.Thank you.

  4. Joegi Says:

    …the video reminds me a bit of “dark star” (regarding the sound and dramaturgy)! 😉

  5. gsonmen Says:

    Hi! I would love to know the code for this. And also if this is available (just joking). I’m currently a student wanting to learn this project as it is in line with the course I’m currently taking. Thank you so much. Great work.

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