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Batman Inspired Indoor Localization

Zoe RomanoOctober 25th, 2013
Batman Inspired Indoor Localization

Last August Arduino Tour landed in Singapore, hosted by The Hub Singapore. Davide Gomba held a workshop there and met a lot of cool people during the hackathon happening in the same days. Ted, one of the participants, submitted to our blog the Indoor Localization (see video below) project  he prototyped with his team during the 24 hours CodeXtreme hours:

Our idea is to convert existing speakers inside shopping malls into an indoor localization beacon. This allows malls to track the location density without adding extensive infrastructure since it uses embedded inaudible sound signatures in music that shops play in the malls. In short, instead of tracking Joker, we use Arduino (with WiFI Shield & MP3 Shield) and Android to track people (customer) inside a mall.


They used Arduino Uno with Sparkfun Mp3 Shield to make the audio playback and Arduino Uno with Arduino WiFi Shield for the server. They are now working on fine-tuning the code as they’ve just bought Arduino Yún and trying to port the code over. Once they finish with that the code will be available on their  blog. In the meanwhile you can enjoy two other projects they are sharing on their website, and email prank and a wi-fi controller.


3 Responses to “Batman Inspired Indoor Localization”

  1. aloon Says:

    In any site I read that Apple with iPhone5S wants to do the same but with bluetooth technology

  2. sarach Says:

    The Arduino Tour looks really awosome, it will do a great help to people. Want to buy one for my iPhone.

  3. EnGr Says:

    Brother i want the master slives communication of Ardunio Controller through Ethernet wire.
    That will consist of the Board master of 2560 mega and 2 slive. Master command will passand slive will process on it and give feedback. And Master Ardunio Also Control With Android Application Through IP protocol. Plz
    I dont understand how to do but it is necessary to do this process through EitherNet..

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