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Massimo Banzi reveals an exciting new product and collaboration with Intel

Zoe RomanoOctober 3rd, 2013

Makerfaire Banzi

Today  Massimo Banzi together with Intel CEO Brian Krzanich during Maker Faire Rome opening conference announced a new product and collaboration: it’s called Intel Galileo.


intel galileo

Intel® Galileo

 Intel Galileo board is the first product in a new family of Arduino Certified boards featuring Intel architecture. The platform is easy to use for beginners and for those looking to take designs to the next level.

Galileo is a microcontroller board based on the Intel® Quark SoC X1000 Application Processor, a 32-bit Intel Pentium-class system on a chip.

Overall, the Intel Galileo development board is a great tool for quickly prototyping simple interactive designs like LED light displays that respond to social media, or for tackling more complex projects from automating home appliances to building life-size robots that you control from your smartphone.

intel galileo box

Building on the Galileo development board, Intel and the Arduino community will work closely together on future products that bring the performance, scalability and possibilities of Intel technology to this growing community of makers.

During How to reMake the World conference, Intel Corporation CEO Brian Krzanich announced a large-scale donation of 50,000 Intel® Galileo boards to be given to 1,000 universities worldwide over the next 18 months.

Intel Galileo will be available by November 29, 2013.



19 Responses to “Massimo Banzi reveals an exciting new product and collaboration with Intel”

  1. Rashn Says:

    Congrats! 😀

  2. PeterSek Says:

    great news

  3. Nandwana Says:

    What about the pricing?

  4. clonick Says:

    This is amazing! Now arduino will have a better and robust shields, this will make arduino more solid, stable and stronger than ebber! Good for arduino and massimo banzi!

  5. mikaelfernstrom Says:

    Very interesting! How do I get one of the 50,000 boards? We’ve already bought hundreds of the other Arduino models, and they are excellent for student projects. Send me a Galileo board and we’ll consider buying a number of them with our next batch.

  6. ejo60 Says:

    Congratulations with this new product.

  7. PimV Says:

    Exciting news. Curious about possibilities and pricing.

  8. duda_nunes13 Says:

    someone know if it’s possible to create a ASP .Net application and use it like a server on IIS?

  9. Visual Micro Says:

    This is great news. The Yun is fantastic and I expect the new boards will be just as exciting.
    @duda_nunes13 if you join the Visual Micro forum and ask your question we can help you with the answer.

  10. tiodocomputador Says:


  11. rlamounier Says:

    I would like to know what the SO for this equipament.

  12. thexeno Says:

    Did I understand well if I see it like a “new” kind of RaspberryPi/Beagle?

  13. Says:

    I’m wondering. I can’t find the Galileo in the store, so it seems that it is not an “official” Arduino? While the Arduino Tre with Texas Instruments is?

    But the Galileo is launched by Massimo Banzi from Arduino?

    How do the Tre and Galileo compare? Do they don’t offer the same kind of solution? Or are there any important main differences (besides the Processing brand)?

  14. cardcomm Says:

    Yes, I looked for it in the store too. I know it’s not available yet, but thought there might be pre-orders.

    How soon can we buy this wonderful new device?

  15. madmaxbryan Says:

    Early reports from Intel claim a November 29th release date at $60.

  16. madmaxbryan Says:

    Although the UDOO is still looking like a winner to me, has more gpios then the Galileo, its quad core arm and comes with WiFi. Only$129.

  17. funlw65 Says:

    Actually, I don’t like it. You can broke a lot of things on it only by manipulating it. If this is what Intel can do, then I pity them. Arduino TRE looks much better – i want that!

  18. madmaxbryan Says:

    What do you think is going to break on it?

  19. Phillip_Muniz Says:

    I work for Mouser Electronics and we now have the Intel Galileo available for pre-order on our website. We’ll be getting the first shipments of stock in mid-November.


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