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Makerfaire Rome – Hangout on-air with Massimo Banzi on monday

Zoe RomanoApril 19th, 2013
makefaire rome

Last february we announced the official dates of  MakerFaire Rome – The European Edition – taking place next October and finally, also released  the Call for Makers to invite tinkerers to enter projects and take part to this event celebrating the makers’ revolution in Italy.

Non we’d like  to start exchanging ideas and presenting you some of the protagonists that’s why we are organizing a series of Hangouts OnAir, to inspire and be inspired by some of our friends who are going to participate.
The first hangout is planned for next monday 22nd of april h.8pm CET – Massimo Banzi will be the moderator and his guests are:

David Cuartielles – Arduino Team – Sweden
Addie Wagenknecht – Lasersaur – Austria
Marc Bruyere – Snootlab – France
Join us on googleplus and see you on monday! (the hangout on-air video will be embedded in this post)