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Arduino Granary

torukmactouDecember 17th, 2012

The example here is part of a larger project that explores the development of interactive sensory objects for and by people with learning disabilities, specifically to enhance the experience of museums and heritage sites in the UK.

In this example we embedded an Arduino Uno inside a granary loaf, together with a Phidgets 1110 touch sensor, an Adafruit Wave Shield and a portable speaker with amplifier. The sounds stored on the SD card were recorded by the participants on our project and were selected randomly each time the load was picked up.

We are not yet at the end of our first year of the project, and still finding out the many incredible things that can be achieved with an Arduino, and some basic sensors!

Thank you [kingarthursdog] that sent us this big project involving Arduino. On the [website] you can find all their projects.