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Arduion Split Flap Game

torukmactouDecember 12th, 2012

When Arduino meets traditions, here the story of [the.anykey] and gift making.

We have a great Dutch tradition called sinterklaas (5th of december). For the older “non-believers” we make surprises. The purpose is to buy a small present but make a really cool “surprise” around it. Here my arduino based Split-flap game I made as surprise.
I made this for my 15-year old niece that was asking for very expensive presents only, so I thought I would make her a bit more price conscious :-)

The arduino (uno) used to run this all was tested to its limit 15 I/O ports :-)
– 5 pins for the score LEDs
– 4 pins for the stepper motor control, via ULN2003a
– 1 PWM pin for Servo to lock or unlock the side door
– 1 PWM pin for piezo speaker so we can make some sounds
– 1 pin for micro switch to align start of cards
– 2 pins for the lower and higher button

Anyway, the project is well structured and there is also a full [instructables] about it, we really enjoyed the submission.