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Avr OS on Arduino

torukmactouDecember 11th, 2012

What about an OS to run on your Arduino? Ok not in the way big os, remember Arduino has limited performance, but some of the basics, like spinlocks/multitask can be integrated with the AVR Os. As you know Arduino uses an AVR Compilant Processor, so its easy to port the code. The user [chris] sent us the way to do it, with also a simple sketch to print the classic “Hello World”.

avr-os is a library that provides a very basic rutime that enables your program to multitask.
The library uses pre-emptive multitasking to switch tasks and each task has its own stack that is restored when a task is resumed. An AVR timer is used to provide ticks and this interrupt is used to switch tasks.

All the instructions and the code to do it is stored at the [website]