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Yellow Jet

davide.vellutoDecember 1st, 2012

[nickatredbox] has a passion in building planes. Here the details of another work:

Yellow Jet 758 Grams with remaining Coroplast 2 X 7.4 V 1300 mAh batteries Arduino Nano RX Xbee with antenna, servos and misc hardware. Chamfered the top on the leading edges. All control surfaces cut and hinged. ESC mounted

Elevator mechanism for EDF jet carbon rod and ballpoint pen ink reservoir seems quite stiff with low backlash

See the video here

This plane flew pretty poorly unfortunately, but the controller worked well the EDF lacked thrust

You can find more on the [website]


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  1. Nick Says:

    I’m taking some advise from the forum on and fitting a front mounted prop on this wee plane. I can get 880 Grams thrust for 250 Watts with a 10 Inch prop.

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