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The Arcade Machine, by Timothy (15)

Davide GombaNovember 27th, 2012

[Timothy Zandelin], a 15 years old Arduino enthusiast has sent us his first Arduino Project, an arcade interface based on Arduino Leonardo.

The cabinet is made of 4mm HDF and were laser cut at “Fabriken” in Malmö. The red arcade sign in the top is produced in 5mm translucent acrylic. All design and construction drawings were made in Illustrator. I used an Arduino Leonardo to connect the joystick, buttons and the LED light.  The game installed, Superstar Chefs, is an old game developed by my dad’s cousins.

On the other hand, Timothy also built his own prototyping board to learn about how to use different inputs and outputs.

My prototype board was made with Fritzing.

It includes:

– 6 green 3mm LED’s,

– 11 resistors (6 330 ohm, 4 10K ohm and one 100 ohm),

-1 dip8 socket with an ATtiny45,

– 1 potentiometer,

– 4 pushbutton and header sockets.

I created this prototype board to easily get started with Arduino.

Timothy, welcome on board!

12 Responses to “The Arcade Machine, by Timothy (15)”

  1. Paolo Lioy Says:

    hey @n3m0 ,

    what’s up with ‘Kickstarter,trademarks and lies’ ???

    why did you close it down ?

    you don’t like anymore,to listen to your comunity opinion ?

    should we post here instead ?

  2. David C Says:

    How is the screen controlled? I understand the game controls are wired up to the Arduino Leonardo, but what about the screen? Would love to know more.

  3. Timothy Zandelin Says:

    Hello David,

    I used an old netbook witch I separated the screen from the computer.
    I plan to add more pictures on my Google+ account, but right now you can see one picture showing the inside.


  4. Davide Gomba Says:

    Thanks Timothy!

  5. Francesco Says:

    This is kind of rude, and I apologize in advance. It was not my intent to hijack this comment thread. On the other hand, I believe it was far ruder to use a puerile excuse as a few-posts-long flame to silence the community when you asked for our opinion in first place, just because it was backfiring against you. The truth about the connections betwen smARtDUINO and the manufacturing of ARDUINO™:

  6. Nick Says:

    Nice work

    How are you interfacing the display?

  7. Vimes Says:

    That is a really really sweet build. You must be proud of that, I certanly would.
    How did you find getting that board done by Fritzing? Am thinking about using them myself. How much did that board cost you (if you dont mind me asking) did you have a single board printed or multiple?
    Thanks and nice job with it, I would love to have my own arcade machine.

  8. Vimes Says:

    Oh and please stop HiJacking threads people, this is not the place to discuss that issue. The comments we turned off on that blog post as they were getting increasingly angry and it was turning into a flaming post.
    If you want to talk about it then I would go and use that Yellow Boards own site.

  9. Justin Says:

    Timothy, very cool. Can you show us your drawings?

  10. Timothy Zandelin Says:

    Thanks! The screen is separated from the computer but is still connected.

    Thank you! I found Fritzing while I was reading a tutorial on Arduino’s website. The board costed 34€ + vat and shipping. I just bought one and I can recommend Fritzing. Good luck with your project.

    Thanks! You can find the drawing at my Google+ page.

  11. cavefish Says:

    JAJAJA it looks quite similar to the one I made for the ATTiny 24/44/84 😛
    The funniest thing, is that I created my trainer for the same purpose, to create an arcade interface (but in my case for PS3).

    (the one that appears in the picture is a DIY etching, but the schematics and parts are available in fritzing)

  12. kids games Says:

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