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RC remotes and Arduino: a tutorial

Alessandro PaganelliJuly 25th, 2012

Nick Poole, from SparkFun, proposes this nice tutorial, where detailed instructions on how to connect a radio-controlled (RC) remote to an Arduino board are described in great details.

RC remotes are very simple controller, typically used to wirelessly control electrical rovers, cars and planes. Depending on the number of degrees of freedom required by the application (e.g., X and Y movement), an equivalent number of channels is provided by the remote, that can be easily connected to Arduino’s digital pins.

More information and some sample sketches can be found here.

[Via: SparkFun]


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  1. Kammi638 Says:

    Is it possible to control 2sets of led by one channel? For example 1st on 1st set of leds on second on both sets on thid on only second set on?

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