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Arduino and the LTC2440 24bit ADC

Alessandro PaganelliJuly 11th, 2012

Have you ever wondered how to improve the resolution of analog readings of your Arduino board? If yes, this is for you.

John Beale, discussing on the Dangerous Prototypes’ forum, quickly describes how to connect a Linear’s LTC2440 ADC to an Arduino board, which will provide you with an amazing 24 bit resolution.

The ADC, which is available in a SSOP package, can be connected to the Arduino via the SPI bus. Here John provides a brief sketch and some very useful comments to make it working properly.

[Via: Dangerous Prototypes]

One Response to “Arduino and the LTC2440 24bit ADC”

  1. JBeale Says:

    Wow, the Arduino blog! I’m honored. By the way, if you want an easier to use chip, the LTC2400 is SO-8 instead of SSOP-16, although its noise performance is not as good. Many vendors offer “24 bit ADC” chips, but when comparing actual noise levels, the LTC2440 is the lowest-noise ADC I’ve found. Not counting audio chips which are AC only and don’t have a DC response.

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