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Android ADK2012 is here and is powered by Arduino technology

Massimo BanziJune 28th, 2012


ADK2012 board

Google has unveiled at Google IO their new  Accessory Development Kit for Android mobile phones and tablets, the ADK2012

The ADK2012 is based on the upcoming Arduino Due platform and the new Arduino IDE that supports programming ARM targets.

Currently the IDE works only on the Google ADK board released at Google IO, while the official launch of the Arduino Due is due later in the year.





8 Responses to “Android ADK2012 is here and is powered by Arduino technology”

  1. Hardware at Google IO | Random Robotics Says:

    […] but I haven’t found much info on it yet. The only picture I’ve seen is over at the Arduino blog. Apparently they distributed “a limited number” of them at IO, but it  wasn’t […]

  2. John Boxall Says:

    Do you have a target date for the Due?

  3. Tom Says:

    @john “Later in the year” so probably at World Maker Faire or Open Hardware Summit

  4. Gamin Inganela Says:

    Yes, even if the Arduino Due is delayed, please at least keep the community updated about WHEN it is coming out! It would help us plan our projects.

  5. Bart Pelgrims Says:

    I’m also highly anticipating the Due. Could you give a more narrow timeframe for its release date?

  6. David Says:

    Anyone found the schematics for the ADK2012 ?

  7. Doug Says:

    I very much agree with the comment Gamin Inganela made.

    Any time frame, even vague and subject to change would be better than being fully in the dark. I am hoping to use the Arduino Due to upgrade a past Arduino Project that needs the update in processing power very soon, but without any further information other than “Later in the year” I’m forced to look into alternate solutions like the Maple board. I’d much prefer the Due, please keep the community in the know so we can at the very least plan.


  8. Gamin Inganela Says:

    David, Hardware design files (including Eagle files) can be downloaded here as part of the source-file package:

    (You can use Cygwin or similar if you’re on Windows.)

    I can’t wait for various hardware products based on this to be released just like last year’s ADK variants.

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