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Tasty Tweets

Andrea RealiJune 13th, 2012

Tasty Tweets is a data visualization experiment that allows users to explore twitter trends through taste with a press of a button. The installation has been developed by Kostantinos FrantzisRuben van der Vleuten and Kat Zorina during the Data Visualization course 2012 at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design,

Using the Twitter APIs, the project collects tweets containing mentions of fruits such as blueberry, pineapple, apple and carrot and creates a smoothie.  The layering of the juices results in a visual representation of the proportions of flavors mentioned – a graph in a glass.

Since twitter trends are changing very quickly, each smoothie has a unique palette of flavors.


The Twitter APIs is used to gather the tweets while Processing is used to analyze and process the data and Arduino controls the flow of liquids into the glass with solenoids.

More info here.



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