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Programming your arduino with no physical contact?

Priya KuberMay 29th, 2012

This IR based Arduino programmer works from Arduino IDE using ATK500V2 protocol.

Construction details:

For infrared link it uses standard 38kHz modulation – as as in TV remotes. One part of the circuit utilizes FT232RQ module that talks to Arduino IDE. It has a also a circuitry that enables sending and receiving IR signals using IR LED and IR demodulator. Arduino part has also an IR transceiver pair connected to RXD and TXD pins. Arduino bootloader was a bit modified to work as half duplex so the receiver were turned off while transmitting. The only problem remaining is that target board has to be reset manually.

Any hackers in the house to repair that?



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  1. Michael Says:

    Here’s a link to the source:

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