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Pebble was prototyped using Arduino!

Priya KuberMay 10th, 2012

In the Maker’s own words:

Migicovsky also shared a photo of the first Pebble prototype, below, using an Arduino and some similarly cobbled-together hardware. That was four years ago, he says; now the Pebble team consists of ten people and, currently at $9,737,000 at time of writing and with nine days yet to run, the Kickstarter is well on track to comfortably exceed $10m and maybe even hit closer to $12m before it closes.

The Kickstarter campaign grossed a record breaking amount of $10,162,522 with 8 more days to go. For those of you who missed the buzz, the product demo video is here:

Indeed it is every geek’s fantasy watch come alive!


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