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We've Been Bot'ed: Forum Protection Software To Be Deployed Friday 26th 9.30AM CET

dcuartiellesApril 26th, 2012

We have been bot’ed, it is kind of cool to show this image where we have 123.456 users in the forum, but it is not really true. We have experienced a pretty nicely made attack to the forum. Not that the machine slowed down, but we got zillions of new users … about 10x more users per day as we used. Check this graph:

123.456 users on the Arduino forum .. yei!

We will erase all the 40.000 non-existing users from the forum as well as implement a whole lot of new patches to the software that will improve the work the moderators are making in the system. We are going to be working tomorrow, Friday 26th between 9.30AM and 11.00AM CET. You may experience small downtimes as we will be implementing incremental changes to the software making sure they work in production.