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HTML based AVR compiler aims to make Arduino development on iOS possible

Priya KuberApril 24th, 2012

Programming arduino using your smartphone? Indeed! It is possible if we have the IDE in HTML5. With similar thoughts Tadpol started building a browser based AVR compiler. The project is still open for contribution at Github. Hackers, please contribute!

As seen on the screenshot, the current version uses various buttons to input the code.

The project, named Avrian Jump, uses a simple ladder language to feed the compiler, with several different options for output. The most interesting in our mind is a WAV file which can be used to program an AVR from the audio out of your device. That would make programming as simple as connecting the specially modified AVR to your headphone jack. There’s also an ASCII output which allows you to save your programs for later alteration, S19 output for AVRdude programming, and an assembler output for debugging purposes. It’s hard to