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RFID door openers

Priya KuberApril 2nd, 2012

office door hack from Valentin Heun on Vimeo.

MIT Researcher Valentin Heun created the RFID door opener as he was annoyed that he needed both his MIT ID card and a key to gain access to the MIT Media Lab. With this system his RFID-embedded ID card is read by an RFID evaluation shield connected to an Arduino Uno board. His RFID code is approved and a servo opens the door. A laser cut mounting board allows the servo and RFID evaluation shield to be attached to the door’s handle and deadbolt.

The code can be taken from here.

[Via: Lifehacker and]


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  1. Lauszus Says:

    We did almost exactly the same a year ago.
    Have a look at our blog for more details:

    – Lauszus

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