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Blackberry Playbook and Arduino

Priya KuberDecember 6th, 2011


Adding just a few conditions in a small program, and using Arduino integrated with sensors, we get to add intelligence to a BlackBerry Playbook application.

The Arduino board uses an IR range sensor to find targets. The IR sensor is placed on a servo to scan the area of interest (e.g. kitchen). The data is sent to the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, on which we’ve built an application to present a sonar map and look for movement. If movement is detected, the application will sound an alarm and take a picture.

Via: BlackBerry Developer’s blog.


2 Responses to “Blackberry Playbook and Arduino”

  1. John Boxall Says:

    That’s a win – didn’t know that anyone was working with Arduino and Playbooks. The price of them is also dropping like a balloon, so it will become a cheaper tablet environment for us than the iPads.

  2. liudr Says:


    Good for Research in motion, which is at a standstill right now. No the other hand, the RIM has ditched the play book so don’t jump on it yet. The freight train carrying windows tablets already arrived. Plenty of $500 range tablets running win7. Those are real computers, unlike the ipads, pity Apple store fronts at your finger tips. Sad device and processors with so much power but in such a lock-down dumb-down status.

    You can try android OS but it’s no comparison to win in terms of supported software. You can even use a terminal on win7 tablets. No need for ADK or AAP or other stuff google tries to do. Just use arduino 0022 or processing 1.0 (what’s the latest version?)

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