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Breakfast at Arduino

Massimo BanziSeptember 17th, 2011


For the second year in a row we decided to announce our new products at Maker Faire in NYC.

Tomorrow morning, if you come to the Arduino tent, you will be able to see:

Arduino 1.0, we finally froze the Arduino API, the IDE and the layout of the boards. We’ve made some minor additions to the Arduino connectors to make them more flexible. Tomorrow you will be able to download the release candidate and in 1 month of frantic testing with the community, the platform will be ready and stable.

Arduino Leonardo, a low cost Arduino board with the Atmega32u4. It has the same shape and connectors as the UNO but it has a simpler circuit. On the software side it has a nifty USB driver able to simulate a mouse , a keyboard, a serial port (with more drivers coming later). As usual for Arduino, everything will be released as open source (Core, Bootloader, Hardware).

Arduino Due, a major breakthrough for Arduino because we’re launching an Arduino board with a 32bit Cortex-M3 ARM processor on it. We’re using the SAM3U processor from ATMEL running at 96MHz with 256Kb of Flash, 50Kb of Sram, 5 SPI buses, 2 I2C interfaces, 5 UARTS, 16 Analog Inputs at 12Bit resolution and much more.

Instead of just releasing the finished platform we are opening the process to the community early on. We’re going to be demoing the board and giving away some boards to a selected group of developers who will be invited to shape the platform while it’s been created. After Maker Faire, we will begin selling a small batch of Developer Edition boards on the Arduino store (store.arduino,cc) for members of the community who want to be join the development effort. We plan a final and tested release by the end of 2011

Arduino Wifi Shield. It adds Wi-Fi communication capabilities to any Arduino. Instead of using any of the classic WiFi modules on the market we wanted to have something that will provide the maximum level of hackability to the user. The shield is based on a wifi micro module made by H&D Wireless coupled with a powerful AVR32 processor that carries the full TCP-IP stack leaving room to add your own protocols and customisations. We’ve also worked hard to make sure that you will be able to migrate your code from the Ethernet Shield with minor changes.

We’re also going to show some prototypes of new platforms we’ve been working on: We have robots, new IDEs and more.

It has been a crazy few months and we want to thank ATMEL very much the support that we got on all the new products.

Come over to Maker Faire and have a look for yourself!


46 Responses to “Breakfast at Arduino”

  1. Jose Manuel Escuder Says:

    FANTASTICAS NOVEDADES!!!! ahora fotos, por favor.

    AWESOME NEWS!!!! Now pics, please

  2. Angel Sánchez Says:

    Grandiosos modelos, y la R3 de Arduino UNO me dejó impresionado.
    Muy buena la conferencia del 17 de Sep en Maker Faire.

  3. insapio Says:

    I’ve been hoping and dreaming for a 32u4 arduino, the 32bit blows my mind. Awesome as always, the future thanks you!

  4. Cristián Arenas Ulloa Says:

    Good news! ARMs entering the Arduino family 🙂

  5. Weldo Says:

    When can I buy a Due? MUST HAVE DUE!

  6. my_mind_ Says:

    oh gosh, I can not wait to try the new Wifi shield!

  7. Chris Allick Says:

    wow, so exciting! A number of great revisions and additions! I am particularly excited about the Due. I have really enjoyed the Maple and Embed boards, but usually find the polish of the Arduino products refreshing and obviously the community behind developing with them is unparalleled.

    Great news!

  8. EmanueleEMC Says:


    Arduino Due,
    the ARM based board that we waiting for!

  9. Wavesonics Says:

    Wow any word on when the WiFi shield will be available? This will be extremely useful!!

  10. George Says:

    So, Maker Faire is over! When’s the Developer Edition Due’s going on sale?

    Too excited!

  11. oliver Says:

    Nice news, a bit dissapointed though. The arm-due is kinda massive! That is a lot of I/O! Very neat though, that absolutly.

    I am kinda sad to not see something like the Zigduino. A Atmega128RFA1 based mcu that has an integrated AT86RF231. It won’t give us pure wifi, but IEEE 802.15.4 is what you’d want on an embedded system?

    As a shield I did actually expect AT86RF231 based shield for IEEE 802.15.4.

    Ontop of all that; drop 5V and make all the new stuff 3.3V actually, cheaper, more power efficient, better! Maybe next year? 🙂

  12. Ulf Says:

    What about the IDE? Will it be the same as for the Maple by Leaf Labs?

  13. ewertz Says:

    Any schematics for the new boards to share/review yet?
    Same for the SDK…?

  14. Ishmael Says:

    Who makes the WiFi Shield and is it available for purchase?

  15. samand Says:

    First- arduino due is too similar to arduino duemilanove
    Second- can you use an atmel chip with included Ethernet capabilities???


  16. Ross Says:

    Is the “nifty USB driver” Dean Camera’s LUFA?

  17. MIke Says:

    This is great news! I am really looking forward to the Arduino Due, with a Wifi shield.

  18. toholio Says:

    If the Due is not 5V tolerant wouldn’t now be a good time to fix the pin spacing issue?

  19. Gray Marchiori-Simpson Says:

    It’s been mentioned that the new due will be 3.3v not 5v – and so electrically incompatible with existing shields. One guy on hackaday suggested using more standard header pitch on the new 5V boards to make them physically incompatible – and make it easier to prototype for it.

  20. Pepf Says:

    Awesome work on the ARM version of the Arduino 🙂 I was already orienting on ARM with olimexuino and Maple, but I think Due has more chance to succeed since Arduino has the whole community to support the development 🙂

  21. Alexander Says:

    The Due sounds like a great platform for everything that requires a bit more power than the 8 bit Arduino.
    What are your plans concerning the software side? While it is hopefully as compatible as possible I think some kind of small OS would be really helpful, at least file system and networking support and some kind of threads and you could do a lot with this. Maybe a combination of the Arduino IDE with Contiki, FreeRTOS or TinyOS?

  22. A Schmidt Says:

    As the SAM3U works with 3.3V the new board renders many 5V-shields useless.

  23. ardu lovers Says:

    woww,,, ARM now !! i like it,, more speed,,

  24. jswanson Says:

    Very exciting indeed…I have been horsing around with 3.3V (and pulling to 5V) via the IOIO board. Can’t wait to break out the new Arduino and keep the ball rolling!

  25. Achi Says:

    an 32bit Arduino. I was playing around with a Maple a bit, but an Arduino with 32bit may have an easier start because of the big community here. An implemented SD Slot and working CAN would be great :). Let’s see…
    I am waiting for Christmas 😉

  26. Davide Bettio Says:

    I think you should add also some external SRAM, for some purposes it’s really helpful. In 2011 adding just a couple of MB on the board is rather cheap.

  27. iz6bmp Says:

    An official ATMEL release too:

  28. Davide Gomba Says:

    Just email who gave you the Due. Was he Massimo?


  29. megaionstorm Says:

    Quote: Arduino Due. “We plan a final and tested release by the end of 2011.”

    You are more than late !!!

  30. Alberto Says:

    Does anyone know when is the Arduino Wifi Shield going to market?

  31. Simon Says:

    As many of you I am looking the wifi shield mentioned above. We are January 2012 now and wondering if I can buy this somewhere?

  32. Chris Lee Says:

    Im really looking forward to the Due. Ive been looking for a simple ARM unit for awhile, most are either too simplistic (rPI) or too complex for simple tasks (pandaboard) or unsported community wise (eBay knockoffs) the only real simple unit that has a strong community is the beaglebone. but if there is an arduino unit Id much rather support them 🙂

  33. Skip Says:

    Any word on the availability of the wifi shield?

  34. Arduino “presses any key” on a USB keyboard | C Gilance Says:

    […] UPDATE: Apparently new Arduinos are being release very soon which already include the ability to mimic a keyboard or mouse out of the box! Check out the official announcement! […]

  35. vlad Says:

    where is the DUE? :((( it’s almost the end of february… i hoped i could get this on my birthday on 23rd :(((((

  36. redphage Says:

    Still no WiFi Shield, anyone know when we can buy these? I’ve been looking at hydrogen wifi shield from diy sandbox instead…has anyone tried one yet? the seem to be new.

  37. Ehsan Says:

    How do I become an Arduino Developer for WiFi Shield?

  38. Hien Says:

    Any updates about ARM based Arduino Due ? 🙁

  39. Priya Kuber Says:

    Soon soon soon! 😉

  40. Jarryd Says:

    Is there any possibility of getting started with a beta version of the IDE that supports the Cortex?

  41. dcuartielles Says:

    Hien: it is in the making … I should say it is in the oven, so that you get the picture on how soon it will come out.

  42. dcuartielles Says:


    the IDE will be released with the board. If you want to follow the development of the multicore IDE you should just join our developers email list: developers AT arduino DOT cc

  43. Thomas Says:

    Its now April 2012 and ive heard nothing else about the wifi shield.
    I want a wifi shield for my project but dont want to buy one and then you bring out an official one which would be better.
    Until then my project is on hold.

  44. Skip Says:

    Now it’s May? When is this planned for release?

  45. Dimi Says:


    any news on the WiFi shield? My project is also on hold until the shield is out…

  46. Arduino Due pictures | Arduino Passion Says:

    […] be somewhere in the june/july timeframe. I’m awaiting eagerly it’s release since its announcement last […]

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