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ADK + Android Hacks in Yahoo Open Hack in Bangalore

Davide GombaJuly 25th, 2011

Hacking days  upcoming in Bangalore, India, for Yahoo HackDay 2011. Have a look at the schedule of the event, as well as the Hardware Hacks Wiki. We expect Arduino ADK + Android hacks to rule the scene!

[sudar] (is giving) a talk on Arduino and Android ADK and will be demoing some of the hacks which I have created using them. If this hasn’t convinced you, then there is more. Yahoo is also going to sponsor 50% price for the hardware that you need for hacking. Yes, you read it right again. We have arranged this offer with 9 Circuits.  Head over to the Open hackday wiki to get more details about it.

via [Sudar’s Blog] source  [OpenHack India 2011]


3 Responses to “ADK + Android Hacks in Yahoo Open Hack in Bangalore”

  1. Takko Says:

    I have also participated at Romania Yahoo Open Hack in Bucharest this year with an Arduino and the project for an automatic dog feeder with Ym Messenger feedback 🙂

  2. Says:

    hi takko-
    Send us some links, I’m interested in all projects!

    thanks for commenting

  3. samdroid Says:

    waiting for next android event in 2012 ) cya this year!

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