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One Week and 48 Hours Hacking in a Row

dcuartiellesJuly 7th, 2011

Next week is when probably the most things will be happening around Arduino’s Spanish Community in just one week. Let me make a list for you, so if you happen to be in Spain, you know what you can do if you haven’t really planned your vacation yet:

Campus Party 15: Valencia will host the 15th edition of the Campus Party between July 11th and 17th. It started as a Lan Party 15 years ago and has moved into a computer-related event with hacking sessions, lectures, workshops, P2P, robotics, and a lot of gaming. Arduino will present a new shield together with Telefonica I+D to be used in creating GPRS/GSM applications. We will host a series of presentations during the week, as well as a 48h hackathon for people to design new services and devices.

Check the Arduino Conectado page on the playground for the agenda to this event.

There will be an official press release from Telefonica I+D about this and I will wait for the technical details until then.

Freedom 4 Hardware & Communications: Bilbao will host a 2 days conference including sessions about free hardware. David Cuartielles will be presenting the love story between Arduino and Google to the audience.

I Virtual Camp: the Spanish Arduino community had a hard time meeting in the middle of the summer for one of their usual Barcamps and decided to arrange a virtual one. Follow these people, there will be a Barcamp in Menorca in October that can be a great opportunity for many of us to escape from the Fall and meet other Arduinomaniacs for a couple of days!


– Campus Party:

– Arduino Conectado event:

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– Freedom 4 Hardware & Communications conference:

– I Arduino Virtual Camp:

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