Big Fonts On LCD Library Turns To Second Version

Davide GombaMay 27th, 2011

When working on 20×4 (or bigger) lcds font dimension can become an interesting issue: [liudr] shared & updated its Phi_Big_Font library

The Phi_big_font library utilizes 3 X 5 dot matrix technique I developed to display characters 6 times the size of ordinary characters seen on HD44780-compatible character LCDs. You will need two rows and 4 columns to display one character (with one column blank to separate characters). A 16*2 display can display 4 such characters, making a perfect clock display like HH:MM, or month or day display in three characters. A 20*4 display can display 5 characters by two rows, totally 10. You can display the characters anywhere you want. Make an animation if you want.

via [Arduino Forum] source [liudr blog]

One Response to “Big Fonts On LCD Library Turns To Second Version”

  1. liudr Says:

    Thanks for spreading the word. I’ve also made a phi_super_font, exclusively on 20X4 displays so it can display super_sized 5X7 dot matrix characters. It comfortably displays 3 characters though, LOL or pack 4 characters together. I’m considering writing a function to display 12-hour time on it as a clock. But my 20X4 display has no back light, so no good at night. :)

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