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Awesome Geek’s Vending Machine

Davide GombaMay 12th, 2011

Amazing vending machine selling Arduinos together with candies at Metrix Create:Space in Seattle.

Alongside such vending staples as candy bars and bottles of water, this machine dispenses USB cables, LCD displays, LEDs, breadboards and Arduino kits.

The machine also contains MREs (military “meals ready to eat”), an open-source breathalyzer kit, solder tubes, servos, DC motors and ShamWows, among other things.

Btw: who’s going to hack it first?

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2 Responses to “Awesome Geek’s Vending Machine”

  1. ubi Says:

    selling parts through existing machines is nice, but hacking the machines is much better.
    last year I worked on a project for the National Historic Museum in Amsterdam where we hacked a fast food coin operated machine from Febo ( we also added a coin reader to put credit on your account using an RFID tag.

    this is my shield

    the arduino code was sketched by me and later on some stupid bugs I had created were fixed by Marco Wessel.
    the server-side was developed by Arjan Scherpenisse with help of other Mediamatic folks.
    the whole project took many people’s effort but the results were very good.

    please check out the project page here

    it was a lot of fun, and lot was learned in the process.

    I used every IO pin on the arduino, and even had to resort to charlieplexing the leds in order to have a 4bit address for each node.

  2. Kevin Says:

    ahahahahah awesome, I want see this vending machine in my school xD

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