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B-Squares: Modular Solar Power For Arduino

Davide GombaMay 3rd, 2011

Shawn & Jordan wrote me about this project their are trying to put in production, with kictstarter.

We made B-Squares for ourselves at first, since we’re guys who like to make things too.  While working on another project dealing with solar batteries in emerging markets this January, we put together a few crude prototypes of what would become B-Squares, thought it pretty amazing, and decided to push to pre-production ourselves.  Now we’re trying to complete the journey and make it a real product with our launch on Kickstarter.

The mounting surface allows Arduino Pro to fit and be powered by the 3.3V of the B-Squares. I wonder if a standard Arduino module with its standar 5v  is on the way to come.

via [B-Square on kickstarter]

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