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The power of the copy of the copy

dcuartiellesApril 21st, 2011

I just published a quick article on my findings in Bangalore, India, about some Arduino compatible boards made as a copy to some other Arduino compatible boards. It is the story of how viral an electronic design with an open license can become.

If being copied is a sign of being into making something right, what does it mean that someone copies the copy of your design?

This is the question that I am asking myself since the moment I yesterday discovered people here (Bangalore, India) making copies of copies of Arduino boards. Let me explain this at once: the Arduino boards are cheap for Europeans and Americans, but no matter how cheap the production is in the EU, importing them to India -where I am these days- makes them slightly more expensive to the final user.

Arduino Uno at Bangalore's Electronics Market

Arduino Uno at Bangalore's Electronics Market

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