Tokyo Hackerspace/RDTN Geiger Shield

Davide GombaApril 14th, 2011

Japan’s difficoult moment has challenged many Arduino users (I can count at least three different threads on the forum about geiger tube & sensors lately  1, 2, 3). As David posted some time ago, the need of an open, net-spreaded visualization of the real level of radioactivity was heavily felt by the community, also for  trasparency reasons.  This is when the Geiger shield comes in:

This is an Arduino-based geiger counter shield that makes it easy to upload data to the internet and also interchange tubes. Since it’s open source and Arduino-based, its also easy to hack this to other interesting applications.

you can follow on  [TokyoHackerspace] the all process of prototyping.

4 Responses to “Tokyo Hackerspace/RDTN Geiger Shield”

  1. David Says:

    Curiously we have released today also a Geiger board for Arduino. It seems a lot of people is moving. great!

    *Radiation Sensor Board for Arduino*

    Quick Overview:
    Detect Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation integrating any Geiger Tube which works in the range 400V – 1000V and read this levels using Arduino. As well as from the terminal, the radiation levels can be shown using different actuators:

    – Piezo: it allows us to hear the typical “chirp” common in the radioactivity counters
    – Leds: 3 green and 2 red let easily to show low, medium and high levels
    – LCD: it displays the counts per minute (cpm) and the equivalent absorbed energy levels in Servants (µSV/h).

    Read the Tutorial:

  2. Says:

    We mentioned this cool board here. Good to know it has been released.

    Thanks to post it here David.


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